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In Memory of Ryan Arthur Huff
Lawsuit / Campaign against HMO Kaiser
Baby Ryan - Ryan Arthur Huff
 Regarding Baby Ryan -
TO TREAT OR TO LITIGATE? " Dina Padilla/Former Kaiser Pediatric Unit Worker 

Newscoverage in Real Video of the Kaiser Permanente Protest held in Baldwin Park, California for Baby Ryan. Station KMEX, Channel 34 Broadcast in Spanish.Newscoverage in Real Video of Ryan Arthur Huff and what Kaiser Permanente did not do to help him on Channel52/Telemundo Los Angeles Broadcast in Spanish.

Newscoverage in Real Video of Ryan Arthur Huff and his family on KABC/Channel 7 Los Angeles. 
Broadcast in English  

Newscoverage in Real Video of the Kaiser Permanente Protest held in Baldwin Park, California for Baby Ryan. Station KMEX, Channel 34 Broadcast in Spanish.Newscoverage in Real Video of Ryan Arthur Huff and what Kaiser Permanente did not do to help him. 

We are Don Huff & Veronica Solorzano, the parents of Ryan Arthur Huff from Baldwin Park, California. Our 14 month old baby past away in the hands of Kaiser Permanente, due to neglect. We have launched a public campaign and filed a law suit against Kaiser Permamente for the wrongful death of our son. 

Since his passing we have had 2 peaceful demonstrations in front of Kaiser Baldwin Park. Our story has made front page of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, and reached many families by television news channels that came to our demonstrations are as follows: UPN 13, FOX 11, ABC7, KMEX 34, TELEMUNDO 52. Our son has touched many peoples lives and have help support us to continue to fight for the rights that our son deserved. 

Ryan was born on 5/10/01, and passed away on 7/13/02.  Several doctors denied to provide the proper medical attention that could have saved our sons life.  We requested Blood test, X-rays and CT scans, if the doctors would have listened to our concerns as parents, our son would be alive today.  In failing to do so our son was first checked starting July 7 and he past away on July 13 of a brain tumor undetected until it was too late to operate, all because doctors refused to listen to us. His symptoms were as follows: 

               *  Drastic Weight Loss 
               * Loss of Appetite 
               * Vomiting 2 to 4 times daily 
               * Severe Constipation 
               * Shaking 
               * Falling on his side & could not sit up 
               * Extreme dehydration 

After all this, several doctors stated that we were being over protective parents and should come back in a week, also that the tests we requested were too expensive to do and would only be done if they found reason to do so. Not only were we turned away once, but twice, but on the third visit we refused to leave. 

That was when finally in the ER Ryan was given a blood test and an x-ray, only to confirm that he was extremely dehydrated and constipated.  He was transfer to Kaiser on Sunset in which he then suffered seven seizures and went code blue.  Once our son suffered many seizures and was on life support was when doctors finally rushed him to get a CT scan,  which confirmed that our son had an undetected brain tumor and that it was too late to operate. 

We were then told that if we could have brought him sooner he would have had a 70% - 75% chance of surviving the surgery.  The surgeon could not do anything for him, because his brain tumor had already  erupted.  When we mentioned that we did indeed bring him to Kaiser Baldwin Park on July 7, July 9, and finally July 10 he told us that if the doctors would have listened to us, he could have had done his job. 

Ryan never had a chance with our HMO Kaiser, he deserved that chance in which doctors never cared to provide.

Upon his passing, we have taken upon ourselves to make a difference in his honor.  We have had great support from: 

                          * Senator Dianne Feinstein 
                             Deputy State Director GuillermoGonzalez 
                             Field Representative Kristen Garey 

                          * Senator Gloria Romero 
                             Case worker Bill Baca 

                           * City of Baldwin Park 
                              Council member Ricardo Pacheco 

Our complaints have been filed with Consumer Affairs General Medical Board, and is in process of a full investigation. 

Since then our tragedy has inspired us to continue to help people of the community, to make a difference for all walks of life that we have rights and we deserve the best medical attention. We all pay our premiums and in return we deserve the proper medical attention for human life. 

Not only are we fighting against our HMO, Kaiser Permamente, but have taken upon ourselves to make a  difference in our City. Our story has been high profile in all Kaiser hospitals, and within the 

Thank you, 

Parents of Ryan 

Don Huff & Veronica Solorzano 

San Gabriel Tribune Article on Ryan Arthur Huff medical treatment at Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park

Page 2 of newspaper article in San Gabriel Tribune on Ryan Arthur Huff who Kaiser Permanente did not medically treat resulting in his death.
Walk in front of Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park for Ryan Arthur Huff

"Seeing a healthy looking baby with the most beautiful curls, and finding out that 30 month old child will 
only live about 2 more days because of a brain tumor that was just diagnosed the day before really got to me.  I wondered how many times the baby had been to the pedi doctors previously and no doctor could check his eyes or see other tell tale signs that something so big and ugly was growing inside 
of this little beautiful angel of God's!  I went home that night with such a heavy heart.  It was my day off the 
following day.  When I came to work two days later that precious little child was dead.  He had died the day that I was off!" - 
Dina Padilla/Former Kaiser Pediatric Unit Worker