Kaiser San Rafael pediatrician, Dr. Rebecca Lynne Gentemann White caught up in child endangerment charges.  
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Kaiser San Rafael pediatrician, Dr.  Rebecca Gentemann caught up in child endangerment charges.

Kaiser Permanente Pediatrician Rebecca Gentemann WhiteRebecca Lynne White, MD, the former Rebecca Lynne Gentemann , is a California physician, License Number 82845 .  She works as a pediatrician at the HMO,  Kaiser Permanente in San Rafael Northern California.  

 On October 6, 2015, Dan Noyes of the ABC7 I-Team (KGO) ran an eye opening story - 
I-TEAM EXCLUSIVE: OFFICIALS SAY MAJOR POT OPERATION UNCOVERED AT SAN RAFAEL DOCTOR'S HOME - http://abc7news.com/news/i-team-exclusive-officials-say-major-pot-operation-uncovered-in-san-rafael/1020451/

Dr. Rebecca Lynne White is currently married to John Prescott White.  John Prescott White as filmed by ABC7 Eyewitness News - October 2015John Prescott White was previously arrested in October of 2009 for child endangerment along with issues related to his medical marijuana operation.  His wife at the time was not charged.  Mr. White and a friend were then operating a medical marijuana establishment and growing it on Mr. White's property in the town of Greenbrae, California.  His friend or business associate, Noah Christopher Brooks of San Rafael, was also arrested for child endangerment.  Mr. White's daughter who was then a toddler was found by authorities to have been within arms reach of the processed marijuana.   News reports state that at that time the child was turned over to her mother.  Articles written about that incident do not state if the mother lived in the home or not.  There is no written indication that she was aware of the child endangerment.

On August 26, 2014 Rebecca Lynne Guntemann formally changed her name on property she owns at 45 Manderly Road, San Rafael, CA, 94901 as reported by Blockshopper.  See:   http://sf.blockshopper.com/property/016-121-06/45_manderly/

The home is reported to be on a  21,875 sq ft lot with 2,532 sq ft living space.  It has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.  So unless the playroom where the marijuana was being stored took up most of the house there is no justifiable excuse for it to have been there.

It is unknown when Rebecca Lynne Guntemann married John Prescott White.

In January of 2015 Mr White petitioned the court in Marin County,  regarding a custody, visitation, support matter with another woman – not Rebecca Lynne White.  A judgment was rendered but at the time of this writing there is no indication what the result was.  The toddler involved in the 2009 incident could be the same child, now 7 years old who is referred to in the 2015 incident.  It is unknown if Rebecca Lynne White is the mother or not of any child involved in this matter.

Another article regarding this incident but placing focus on another aspect may be read at:  http://www.marinij.com/government-and-politics/20151008/tloch-lomond-pot-bust-coincides-with-brouhaha-over-proposed-house-addition