Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Hospital Fined In Infant Death  
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Oct 26, 2007 8:28 am US/Pacific

Kaiser Thrive finedKaiser Santa Clara Hospital Fined In Infant Death
(AP) SANTA CLARA The death of a severely ill baby who was given the wrong doses of medication at Kaiser-Santa Clara hospital has resulted in the hospital being fined $25,000.

The fine by state health officials comes after a seven-week-old boy died at the hospital earlier this year.

The boy—who had been born with a genetic disorder that caused a dangerous buildup of ammonia in his body—was given two medications from packages that had been improperly marked.

One package contained a drug that resulted in the child getting about nine times the prescribed dose. The other was a nutritional supplement that gave the boy getting about 25 times the prescribed dose.

A Kaiser official admitted the mistake, but says the hospital will appeal the fine because the facility had taken corrective actions which had been approved by several regulating agencies.
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